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How to have cupid bow lips?

How to have cupid bow lips?

Update Time:2023/1/13
The cupid bow lips are bow shaped lips with the double curve of the upper lip, resembling the bow of Cupid, Roman god of love. 

The upper lip is believed to be most attractive when it is well-defined and when the two sides look the same. 

Everyone's facial structure is different, and so is everyone's ideal lip shape and size.  With the injection of Hyamax® Lips Filler, the native lip shape can be adjusted. It naturally adds volume and contour to the lips to achieve the perfect lip shape.
hyamax lips filler
Precautions after hyaluronic acid treatment for lips.  

1. Don't touch or massage your lips.
2. Prohibit hot activities such as sauna and hot spring bath.
3. Don't have strenuous exercise and reduce sweating. Prevent the occurrence of infection due to the stimulation of sweat on the wound, and keep the wound dry after surgery.  
4. Avoid smoking and drinking before the wound has recovered and do not make too exaggerated expressions.   
5. You should also pay attention to your diet. Don't eat foods that are too cold, too hot or too spicy. Those irritating foods will have an effect on the wound healing.
6. If the swelling is not severe, it will disappear on its own with time; if it is severe, you should follow up with the hospital and don't take painkillers without permission. 
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