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Can I inject Hyamax® dermal fillers or Mesotherapy for myself?

Can I inject Hyamax® dermal fillers or Mesotherapy for myself?

Update Time:2023/1/13

Hyaluronic acid injection relies most on the doctor's technical means and the doctor's experience, in addition to the material used for injection is also very, very important. It is necessary to inquire an experienced specialist, find a regular doctor, and use regular materials for injection in order to get good results.

hyamax lips filler
Post-operative precautions.
1. Avoid water on the injection site on the day after surgery and avoid sleeping face down or squeezing the injection site on the first night after treatment.
2. Apply cold compresses for 24 hours after surgery and avoid drinking alcohol.
3. If the injection site is slightly uneven within a week after surgery, you can apply slight pressure with your fingertips.
4. Slight local redness and swelling after surgery are normal reactions and do not require special treatment. If the local redness, swelling and pain increase significantly, it is recommended to contact the doctor immediately to see if special treatment is needed.
5. The maintenance time after hyaluronic acid injection is usually around six months to a year (individual products reach one and a half years). Each person reacts differently to hyaluronic acid and fine adjustments are needed to achieve the best results, so patients need to be reviewed in 2 weeks to provide a reference for the next injection to achieve the best results. It is recommended to follow up again in 6 months to see if another injection is needed.

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