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How to inject Hyamax® hyaluronic acid fillers?

How to inject Hyamax® hyaluronic acid fillers?

Update Time:2023/1/13

Hyamax® hyaluronic acid fillers are injected in the same way as commercially available hyaluronic acid fillers, so please follow the strict treatment criteria.

Three major considerations for hyaluronic acid injections.

1. Must be familiar with the subcutaneous anatomical structure, must know the injection level.

2. Before the injection, you can inhale a certain amount of saline inside the needle, and then after piercing into the subcutaneous, perform a backdraw to see if there is any blood to avoid the blood vessels.

3. The biggest advantage of using a blunt needle for injection is that even if it touches a blood vessel, it can easily slide away, increasing the safety of the injection. The biggest reason for doing this is to ensure, as far as possible, that no blood is injected into the blood vessels and to prevent embolism.

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