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Whats the storage conditions of hyaluronic acid?

Whats the storage conditions of hyaluronic acid?

Update Time:2023/2/17
hyaluronic aicd storeage

The main component of hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide colloidal material, which cannot accept high temperature environment, high temperature environment will lead to the decomposition of hyaluronic acid and lose its effect, human use will cause the effect to maintain a short time, local puff up not full, etc.

The storage conditions for hyaluronic acid are generally 2-25°C, with an optimal temperature of 10°C. Avoid direct sunlight, and cold chain transportation is recommended during transportation, which can be refrigerated, but freezing is prohibited. During the exchange of hyaluronic acid injections, strict asepsis should be carried out to avoid bacterial contamination of the hyaluronic acid product. If a box of hyaluronic acid cannot be used up at one time, it can be stored for the next use in the sense of strict aseptic practice. It is recommended that the interval is not too long. It is generally not recommended to exceed 3 days and always look carefully for deterioration before using again.

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