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11 Ways Dermal Filler Treatment Improves Your Look

11 Ways Dermal Filler Treatment Improves Your Look

Feb 13,2023
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The global demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers continues to grow steadily. The treatment isn't limited to the Kylie Jenners and Kim Kardashians of the world. Even the common man is embracing dermal fillers for 6 reasons:

- Advances in research to make this type of treatment safer

- Making such treatments more accessible to the common man thanks to world-class dermatology clinics

- High disposable income and favorable healthcare policies

- Raise awareness of cosmetic surgery among millennials and Gen Z populations

- High incidence of skin diseases

- An increase in the aging population wishing to improve their appearance

In this article, we'll pay special attention to that last point and learn how dermal fillers can help improve your appearance.

But first, here's to dermal filler treatments:

This is a non-surgical procedure in which a dermatologist injects a gel-like substance under your skin to add volume and reduce facial lines, restoring fullness to your face. Since the procedure is non-invasive with no downtime, it is very popular with all types of people.

Let us now understand the different ways and different areas of the face that can be enhanced with dermal fillers.

1. Smooth Forehead

On the forehead, the muscles of facial expression are very active, and the skin underneath is thin. As you age, collagen breaks down and the skin loses its elasticity. This can lead to sagging, loss of volume, and wrinkles in the forehead area.

Dermal filler treatments help fill these areas and add volume. This enhances your appearance and makes you look younger.

How long the results last: Over 6 months

2. Increase the Volume of the Upper Eyelid

Some people have sunken eyelids that appear dark due to the loss of fat cells and skin elasticity. A series of dermal filler injections around the upper eyelid will give it the necessary volume. This will greatly reduce your facial age.

In addition to improving appearance, dermal filler treatments on the upper eyelid serve a functional purpose. It is very useful for those affected by facial paralysis or stroke paralysis. These people have difficulty closing their upper eyelids, and using fillers to add weight will help them close their lids properly.

How long the results will last: about 1 year

3. Rejuvenates the Eye Area

Visible aging around the eye area. Discoloration of the under-eye area is common in older adults. Surprisingly, it also affects young people with poor lifestyles.

Dermal filler treatments help treat areas of discoloration by improving the appearance of dimples and reducing dark circles, eye bags, and fine line corners. Due to the small surface area, the procedure requires only one or two injections to meet the needs of both eyes.

How long the results will last: about 1 year

4. Contour the Temples

The temporal region of the face is naturally bony. It is the area between the cheekbones and eyebrows. A naturally plump youthful face has fuller temples, giving it an oval (or heart) shape. The cheeks will have a gentle slope. However, as we age, bone density changes and plumpness decreases, causing sunken or sunken temples. Naturally, thinner people experience it earlier.

A dermal filler treatment smooths and defines the upper face for a defined, youthful face. Although the temples are anatomically the most difficult area to inject, they are considered fairly safe for dermal filler treatments.

How long the results will last: about 2 years

5. Shape the Nose

The use of dermal fillers in the nose can address many nasal aesthetic deficiencies such as a crooked bridge of the nose, a drooping nose tip, an asymmetrical nose, and minor bumps on the nose. Fillers are injected into targeted areas of the nose, such as the bridge, tip, and nostrils, to help create natural and visible enhancements. The procedure is often referred to as nonsurgical rhinoplasty and carries the nickname "liquid rhinoplasty."

How long the results last: About 6-9 months

6. Lift the Mid-face

As we age, the midface begins to experience muscle atrophy, and bone and fat loss, leading to sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and dimples. Thankfully, all of these conditions can be corrected with the help of dermal filler treatments. You can achieve a non-surgical facelift by injecting fillers into the affected area.

How long the results will last: About 6 months to 2 years.

7. Make Cheekbones More Prominent

70% of our facial beauty is represented by our cheekbones. The current generation is obsessed with it and considers it to be one of the main factors that affect a person's beauty. As a result, you'll find a lot of recipients of cheekbone fillers, and not just for the elderly.

With dermal filler treatment, you can achieve more prominent, defined, and perfectly shaped cheekbones that are smooth and free from wrinkles or fine lines.

How long the results will last: About 6 to 12 months.

8. Enhance Nasolabial Folds

The presence of these wrinkles is not usually considered a sign of aging. However, they can become deeper and saggy with age. It is mainly caused by collagen loss, sun exposure, environmental pollutants, and rapid weight loss.

Dermal fillers work by plumping the area, reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the folds, and making them appear smoother.

How long the results will last: Between a year and a year and a half.

9. Plump Lips

Lips are one of the facial features that most people pay attention to and want to correct. Loss of lip volume is often caused by genetics, smoking, and sun damage.

Lip fillers can add volume or restore the appearance of lips. While lip fillers aren't meant to stop the aging process, they can delay surgical lip augmentation or lip lifting if you're planning to have surgery.

How long the results will last: Between 12 and 18 months.

10. Reduce the Appearance of Marionette Lines

These are facial wrinkles found between the mouth and jaw, causing the lower half of the face to sag. These lines usually appear in their 40s; however, some people can even see them in their 20s and 30s.

Dermal fillers mimic the action of collagen and elastin to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. This reduces the appearance of marionette lines and makes the lower half of the face look firmer.

How long the results will last: Up to 12 months.

11. Makes the Jaw Line Look Firmer

Due to aging or genetics, many people have weaker jawlines, sagging jawlines, loose skin, bone loss, and excess fat around the lower face and neck.

Chin filler surgery, also known as chin contouring, can dramatically improve the appearance of your jaw. A strong jaw is a sign of youth and beauty. The procedure provides a symmetrical jawline with a more defined look. A chiseled face foundation and frame and an oval jawline can visibly reduce your visual age.

How long the results last: Can last up to 2 years.

In Conclusion

When used correctly, dermal filler treatment can be a very effective treatment for minimizing the visibility of aging and correcting features. When performed by an experienced dermatologist, results are excellent and side effects are minimized. Three ways to choose the right dermatologist:

- Choose a qualified dermatologist with sufficient experience for surgery without side effects.

- Choose from dermatologists who use the top products on the market.

- Choose a dermatologist who is highly skilled in the treatment. Find patient testimonials and reviews on various platforms.

These are 11 ways dermal fillers can improve your appearance, and if you're interested in buying dermal fillers, get in touch.

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